Nogui Aramburo

Nogui has special skill and experience in that he is bilingual and often performs Latin Weddings and Quinceanearas.

The strategy for successful Latin Weddings follow similar rules as traditional weddings. Most guests will want to dance to the classics and songs that extend across generations. Our goals when we meet with you, is to establish what songs and traditions we will set for your event. Whether you’re from South America, Central America or the Caribbean, we will have the right music and vibe for your event. What sets Triangle DJ apart from your traditional wedding company, is our ability to switch in between English and Spanish easily. Our experience allows us to blend both Spanish and American cultures together.

We would love to share with you some great ideas to make your Latin Wedding an incredible event! We take your vision, combined with our experience and create some unforgettable moments for your special day. We can also partner with several local Latin bands and dance instructors to bring the live music experience and some basic Latin dance instruction.



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