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Deciding on the music for weddings and special events can be an unfamiliar process, sometimes stressful. The same can be said about booking quality entertainment for your venue. Relax, once you have a date and venue picked out, booking the band is simple. We'd be honored to guide you step-by-step, ensuring success with every song. We understand the importance of your music selection, and we're delighted to provide the perfect soundtrack by seeking out the best talent in the region. Please explore our musical talent and let us know if you need any suggestions or assistance. We're always here for you.

How it works:
We welcome you to search though our music page and listen to demos from the bands. Marigold is constantly adding new bands so some may not yet be featured on the website. In addition to what is currently available, we have a roster of DJs who can play reception, and solo artists who play classical music (piano, guitar, classic strings) who can play your event.


For the Ceremony: Just give us a call and tell us what you'd like to hear and we'll sent the musicians to you. Not sure what you want? Marigold will help you choose the best wedding march or classical piece for you and your wedding party to walk down the aisle. Our most popular package is a trio of classical musicians: one cello and two violins.

For the Reception: You pick the talent from our roster and contact us with the date and venue. Not sure which band is best for you? Just call us for a consultation. We'll help you decide if you want to line dance to country, waltz to classical, jam out to top 40, dance all night to sweet soul music, or all of these. Marigold has a band to match each.


Before the Event: There's nothing more stressing that finding out a band you booked for your Festival is cancelling in the 23rd hour. That's why we spend a lot of time upfront selecting the right bands, musicians and DJs. We'll work with you to establish a schedule and set list that works for everyone and ensures your music events goes off without a hitch.

During the Event: A lot of music companies and agents tend to book their musicians and put current events on the back burner. We do our best to have representation at each and every major event. There's no telling what might come up so being present is important to us.

Other Events and Socials

Before the Event: Socials, corporate and other types of events each have special considerations unique to said event. Our experience and expertise can help guide you through music selection and more. We'll work with you to provide the perfect backdrop for your event. There's nothing like a musical experience done right.

During the Event: We make an appearance at all of our major social events, if deemed appropriate by our clients. Our management loves to ensure everything is accounted for and running smoothly the day of the event. If for some reason we can't make it to your event to watch, then we're just a phone call away at any time.

We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss special arrangements and cost. Once we choose a band and discuss the cost, a small fee of $150 to saves the dat.  Next, you'll come in to sign the agreement, or you can e-sign the contract from the comfort of your own home. The signing of the agreement needs to take place within two days of putting your event on the calendar, at which point 50% of the deposit is due. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event.

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We offer a variety of planning services that will help ensure your event has the perfect soundtrack. Drop us a note to discover just how easy music planning can be.

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