How to Plan a Small Wedding Part 2

This post continues the conversation about planning a small wedding. Our previous post began giving some great tips for a smaller wedding. We will continue with more fantastic tips for you as you plan. Small Wedding Tips | Wedding Music in Raleigh NC One of the most important decisions a couple must make is choosing…
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How to Plan a Small Wedding Part 1

Having a small wedding can be as much fun as a larger expensive wedding. We will offer some great tips over the next couple of blog posts to help you plan a smaller, less expensive wedding. You might even find ideas for great Raleigh wedding music, as well! Planning a Small Wedding | Raleigh Wedding…
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How to Plan a Small Wedding: An Overview

When it comes to planning a wedding there is nothing more exciting for a bride to be. There are many decisions to be made concerning your wedding. One of the first big decisions will be about how large or small you want your wedding to be. This will certainly be affected by the budget you will…
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More Spring Wedding Tips

Spring is an increasingly popular time for a wedding. Spring weddings will normally range from early March to mid-June. The spring months continue to gain ground on other popular seasons such as fall. The weather is still a little hard to predict though, so plan carefully. The following are some terrific tips for planning a…
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