Wedding Flowers are as Important as Wedding Musicians! Part Two

Welcome back! We are here to talk more about flowers and how important they are for brightening your big day! Just like wedding music in Raleigh NC, the flowers will be a big part of your ceremony and reception. Of course, you could opt to do no flowers for the wedding, but if you're interested in…
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Wedding Flowers are as Important as Wedding Musicians! Part One

Like music, weddings are nothing without flowers! Also just like music, it's a personal choice on what type of flower you choose to use during your wedding ceremony and reception! Below, you'll find a list of various types of flowers you can pick from to include in your wedding. Just remember, wedding musicians for hire…
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Holiday Engagement Party Ideas

There is absolutely no better way to announce to the world that you are a newly engaged couple than to throw a great party. The holidays are upon us and an engagement party this time of year is even more special. Not every couple chooses to have one but this is an awesome way to…
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More Holiday Music for an Engagement Party

Everybody loves a great party, right? An engagement party celebrating the coming wedding of friends or family members is no exception. In our last post, we began giving you a really good playlist of songs for such an occasion. We know that decorating and food choices are also important for a great party but we…
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