Justin Eldreth

Justin started Marigold Entertainment to help others celebrate their weddings and special occasions. His vast experience with music sets the stage for the best musical talent in North Carolina and beyond. Justin and his team understand that music is an essential part of any joyful event – it deserves to be commemorated with beautiful music, performed by the most talented musicians in the area.

As a licensed attorney, his practice focuses on intellectual property and entertainment law. Musicians from all over North Carolina have come to him for assistance in establishing their band, protecting their music, and for his expert knowledge on handling their remarkable talents. Many of those clients have asked Justin to represent them as an agent or manager – the time has come for him to do just that.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Justin was a film producer living in Los Angeles. He spent his spare time playing music – everything from Blue Grass, French Cabaret to German Techno. His love for music and his knowledge as an attorney makes him a strong agent, attracting some of the best talent around. Justin strongly believes that Marigold Entertainment is the perfect match for pairing your event with live music, like a marriage made in heaven.

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